Cartooning is a profession involving the creation of single panel gag cartoons and cartooningcomic strips. The person producing these forms of graphic humor is called a cartoonist.

I personally decided to become a cartoonist and get into the cartooning business out of my sheer desire to draw cartoons and funny pictures.

Making cartoons for editors or publishers is very gratifying. Cartooning also involves animators, graphic designers and comic book illustrators.

Cartooning covers the graphics spectrum

This profession can cover a broad spectrum of creativity. When I first began to realize my ability to draw, it evolved more towards the humorous side of art.

Caricature was yet another facet I enjoyed but leaned more towards drawing funny looking animals and people.


Cartooning isn’t defined to any one area of creativity. Cartoonists are now creating graphic novels and many have their own online
portfolios they use in order to self promote their specialties relating to their chosen niche.

Cartooning requires dedication and devotion

Cartooning requires no formal training. However as technology has evolved it is highly recommended that those interested in the profession, look into a course or courses that pertain to art, computers or computer automated design and coding.

Having a basic knowledge of human anatomy helps. And also, sketching cartoons helps greatly as you get accustomed to developing drawing habits while at the same time develop a distinctive drawing style.

Your style will set you apart from your fellow cartoonists and editors will see your work and identify with it on a certain level.