Scandalous Cartoonist Attorney

cartoon syndicationI previously posted a cartooning scandal relating to an nefarious syndicate attorney who was unscrupulous and abusing his clients and their trust. I found some more information regarding the story from a previous article in the nationally distributed trade journal Editor & Publisher magazine that had a wide readership across the United States and Canada and elsewhere around the globe.


I’m recapping more of this bizarre story that took place over a quarter of a century ago but am posting this in the hope it brings some awareness to those new cartoonists and authors who seek representation in the syndicate world. No, I’m not saying attorneys exist like this in the syndicate world now, however, as creatives look outward, this is being posted, just to refresh those who may want to be certain that some may exist.

Deceit in the cartoon world

This type of activity may be much more difficult to keep suppressedcartoon syndicate attorney in the connected world in which most creatives now live and work in. It would be too difficult for a similar person to move about and go “unnoticed” without his activites being caught right away. This cat even flew to a client’s home to negotiate a contract, sleep ijn a guest room and eat the food that his client provided!

Syndicate lawyer stealing from cartoonists

cartoon thievesHow bold is that?! Do you have ways of vetting someone like this today? Of course, It’s called Google! Back in the late 1980’s into the early 19990’s, an unsuspecting cartoonist or writer did not have this convenience. Which is another reason why I’m re-emphasizing this in a follow up posting. If you’re suspicious, be certain you Google an attorney or representative you hire for consulting on a potential syndication contract. There are also other ways for recommending a good attorney and that’s by emailing your favorite cartoonists directly. Most cartoonists are very approachable and are offering to help any newcomers. I would also personally recommend contacting the National Cartoonist’s Society. As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by the ToonBlog. Please share with an associate who you think would find this information beneficial.
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