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cartooning newsCartooning news is featured in yet another installment here, after finding this old tear sheet from Editor & Publisher magazine’s September 9, 1989 section of ‘Syndicates / News Services’.

The 1989 Festival Of Cartoon Art at Ohio State University had held an event on October 26 through 28th that featured syndicated cartoonists Lynn Johnston (For Better Or For Worse), Mike Peters (Mother Goose & Grimm) and Mort Walker of Beetle Bailey fame who were keynote speakers.

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Interesting to magazine cartoonists, was the actual topic of magazine cartooning which was featured in a talk on the 28th.

I often wonder if there are audio recordings saved from these events all these years ago.

The Ohio State function has some history now, and many have been held. This same page focuses on a small ad on lower left of the page…a sample cartoon illustrated by cartoonist Paul Coker, although it looks as though he got extra extra visibility here in this small space but it would have been interesting to know how far this cartoon panel went . . . called ‘Defunitions’ – it was distributed by Tribune Media Services, Inc. and written by Jack Wohl.

Wohl had produced the television show “Sha-Na-Na” comedy series. Do you remember that one? With Bowser? It was sort of that genre of music’s version of Hee Haw. Hope that helps refresh your memory!

News about cartooning from 1989

In other news I noticed, it boasts about the New York Times News Service beginning the delivery of photos using satellite technology. I know, but this article is from 1989! Computers were just starting in many areas of publishing and in the desk top realm, but when I see these tidbits from the cartooning and syndicate section, I have to smile.

Cartooning news will be featured in future articles!

I hope to share more of these cartoon tear sheets featuring editorial cartoon information,  political cartoons of the week recaps and other topics such as caricature information, strip cartoon content that is profiled and much more. As always, thanks for dropping by and contact me at the email address on my contact form page or simply use the form itself!