Cartooning Mistakes

Cartooning mistakes has me asking if  anyone considered the mistakes they’ve made in the past and learned from them? I ask, after stumbling upon an old cartoon acceptance letters like this one from Don Clark at CB Magazine (CB radio – the Facebook of the 70’s). I sold regularly to this publication and shared pages with George Trosley. The thing I liked was they put a check in with the returns and I’d send him good size batches from which he’d always take several.cartooning mistakes The thing I didn’t like was him wanting “full rights”, but as a snot nose newcomer 40 yrs. ago, I didn’t know any better. I learned fast! What faux paus molded your cartooning ethics?

Circulating as many cartoons as I had done back in the 70’s and into the 1980’s and 90’s had me realize all of the trial and error I had encountered along the way. Record keeping mistakes, keeping my important tax papers prepared in advance and keeping a calendar for tracking important dates were essentials.

When to mail again, after an editor said they were “over loaded” or stocked with cartoons, or when to call a specific editor (if they didn’t call me) regarding a monthly editorial cartoon they’d need to have created, were mind boggling records at the time.

Cartoon Record Keeping is an arduous task

Crossing a magazine off my list when a new editor or cartoon editor had come along and replaced the other . . . meaning it was a whole new ball game for my submissions…since the new editor didn’t care for my work. Keeping reliable records were so much of a priority. And all at a time when I was not digital in any sense of the word. My address books were either in stenographer’s note books or kept in card holders.

Cartooning before the digital age

Cartooning was an easy task. Record keeping and negotiating was not! Looking back and sorting through old files I hadn’t seen in years has me wondering why I never wound up on a psychiatrist’s couch! Thank God for actual cartooning that kept my mind off of the real problem….called reality!