Cartooning courses for becoming a cartoonist

Cartooning courses are a subject that is open to  interpretation. I say this in all sincerity, as I definitely took no training course or schooling when I dove into the business of cartooning.

I’m asked to recommend schools and such, but in reality, I’mcartooning courses hesitant. The business of being a cartoonist covers such a broad spectrum I’m left to ask if they want to get into serious comic book illustration….I’d have to say The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art is definitely one.


Then there is the Parsons Fashion, Art and Design School. There is also the Minneapolis College Of Art and Design. But to say there is one specific training place where you’ll learn how to lay out a single panel gag, block in a comic strip from start to finish, tools used and the types of paper and ink needed to lay out a cool looking cartoon for a magazine article or magazine cover or humor piece, I know of none that exist.

Courses for cartoonists and cartooning

You may want to enter a community college that offers courses on art and design as a major and then move forward with that degree.

Personally, when I set out to become a cartoonist, I wanted to get my work in print…mainly magazines, and focused on it from that standpoint by mailing my cartoons into the editorial offices of magazines that I thought might like my work.

Now that the magazine print market has changed so dramatically, I think it would be better for someone to seek a mentoring program or look for a local school that offers cartoon training courses locally.

Learning the business of cartooning

You may find your niche that way. Cartooning classes for adults may also be listed in your local newspaper and offered by a local art instructor at different times throughout the year. So far as any expenses are concerned the cost of a cartoon art education or cartooning classes will have to be a personal judgement call.