Cartooning Business Book

cartooning business bookA cartooning business book ‘Cartooning – The Art And The Business‘ by Mort Gerberg is considered the bible for people interested in cartooning and for those who want to be cartoonists. I’ve had this book for years. Mort worked on the book around 1989 and he was influential with many young cartoonists and cartooning aficionados.

He taught classes on my favorite art form for roughly sixteen years (New York City’s Parsons School Of Design). My thoughts on this book when I first received it were “inspirational“, “motivational” and “humbling“…mind you I had already been keeping thousands of drawings circulating to trade journals and magazines and book publishers for quite some time prior to getting this book – I sold my first cartoon “professionally” about 14 years prior and was aggressively freelancing non stop but to get and read an in-depth collection of information compiled in such a way, I felt as though it bolstered my interest in cartoons that much more including the marketing and self promotion of my business.

It’s probably why I still have it and am now reviewing it here on the ToonBlog. It’s shelf-life remains ubiquitous as long as there is an art form like this that interests people. Most likely because gag cartoons stand alone, as a ubiquitous art form!

The book is roughly 272 pages and is jam packed with such information as what the make-up and mechanics of a good gag cartoon are. Then the actual drawing of a cartoon, how to “perfect” a style and experiment with an ink pen and pen tip.

The appendix has a marketplace of resources listing comic strip syndicates, magazine publishers addresses who bought cartoons etc. I want to emphasize “bought” because the book was written in the late 1980’s when there was a percolating magazine market which was not affected by the digital revolution we are all familiar with now.

The same applies to those listing of syndicates which has dwindled to only a few…because newspapers have since merged, folded and other have simply dropped features because of ongoing costs relating to publishing their product while many other have lost advertising money (which paid for features ) due to advertising online.

If you’re a cartoon lover and are compelled to draw cartoons and want to learn more about the inner workings of the gag cartoon business and adverting cartoons, I think it should be added to your personal library. It can easily be found online and definitely on Amazon by doing a simple search.

Book review proposals are  considered by contacting me and providing background information on your publication. A good example of recent review is No Reading Allowed which is a children’s book. It should pertain to the topic of cartoons, cartooning and being a cartoonist. Or other subject matter considered is humor writing, drawing and illustration. Ideally, provide all background information and what you want presented in the introduction and how people can acquire your book. Links etc. will be welcome and if you have questions, feel free to ask.