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Cartooning book How To Draw Cartoons Editors Will Buy was written by George Crenshaw who I had previously mentioned in another article here on the ToonBlog. George was one of a kind and he was truly a complete cartooning being.

He was syndicated by King Features Syndicate, United Features Syndicate Tribune Media Services which in their day were the biggest distributors of comic strip content to the worldwide newspaper publishing market. George also had contracts with smaller lesser-known distributors such as Columbia Features and worked as one of Walt Disney’s animators in the very beginning.

George was also a proponent of self-promotion, marketing and freelance gag cartooning. I kept in contact with George whenever I had questions about a marketing scheme I was planning or if I needed advice on something such as sending a certain number of gags to a specific place, I’d ask for and value his response.

At the same time, I was supplying George my own panels to include for circulating cartoons to a list of his own personal markets and he’d pay me a “licensing” fee. Not a whole lot per image but based on a percentage of the sale, since those were magazines or newsletters he’d find separately. And of course, that piqued my interest.

I once asked him how he did it and he went into explaining how standard industrial classification codes were a big part of his self promotional scheme. Much of that is covered in this book I am mentioning in this post.

Overall, I highly suggest adding this roughly 150 page book to your collection and thoroughly absorb it’s contents to help you understand how to self promote, market and maintain a level of active buying clients for your cartoons and illustration services. And if you’re inspired by other creative thinkers like me, you will appreciate it! Interested in learning more about the author of this book? Visit George W. Crenshaw for a more complete synopsis!

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