Cartooning assignments can be generated through email promotions

Cartooning assignments recently dawned on me as I was using some heavy-duty self promotional cartooning techniques.

I acquired a database access to millions of various businesses which allows me to narrow down my searches using what are called standard industrial classification codes.

Now that so many markets I’ve grown accustom to and relied upon are either changing their publishing related modus operandi, or are quitting business altogether, I find myself being forced to promote cartoon services in various ways.cartooning assignments

One of them is actually using direct mail….direct e-mail to be more exact. My database I mention here, allows me access to promote for example, to ‘exposition trade shows & fairs’.

I can enter the SIC code for this business demographic which ultimately allows me access to well over 1000 of these businesses across the United States.

Cartooning assignments generate work for the diligent cartoonist

These businesses promote products and services and corporations at national events and trade shows.

Gatherings where like-minded businesses use huge display boards and signage to draw attention at various floor shows held at convention centers and fair grounds or special complex buildings throughout the country and they all sell anything and everything imaginable.

Who better than  cartoonists like us, to promote our cartooning services to?! My promotional email offers links to my portfolio pages such as “custom cartoons” and more.

I also offer a links to online interviews I have done in order to provide potential new clients with in-depth back ground information to help familiarize those potential new clients with who I am and what I’ve done and ultimately what I can do for them.

Cartoons for any kind of professional business are available

I now think outside the cartooning box and offer to illustrate displays, billboards, posters, manuals and offer my cartoons for use on print ads and flyers.

Cartoons for calendars are yet another aspect I try to emphasize to new potential clients.

If you’re a self employed fulltime freelance gag cartoonist, you’ve obviously endured and employed various cartoon promotional techniques to generate cartooning assignments.

Congratulations and welcome to the cartooning club!