Negotiating Fees For Cartoons and Illustration Services

Cartoon usage negotiation is a simple yet nerve wracking process. Especially if it’s a new client that requires some hand holding. By “hand holding”, I’m referring to a new client that’s never used cartoons or negotiated licensing fees for having you create custom  cartoons. cartoon usage negotiationMany times you may find yourself walking a person through the process from start to finish. This can include a short lesson in copyright ownership and copyright laws. Once you go through the process a few times you get accustom to the drill though, I know I have. In order that you don’t short-change yourself or negotiate a usage deal where you ultimately feel like you’re the character in my cartoon here, make sure you also understand one-time licensing rights vs. “all rights” buy out dealings.

Contracts can be simple

The client may also want to have you supply them with a contract that states the agreement you have both reached. You can usually type up a legible and easy-to-understand contract using MS Word. It’s a decent program that most Windows operating systems come supplied with. You can then easily store a “master” contract in a designated folder in your “My Documents”. Don’t be too concerned with including a lot of legal terminology. Anything simple and to-the-point is what counts and as long as it makes sense and spells out the terms and you can both sign it and date it, that is good enough.

Cartoon contracts can be done via email

These days, I also specify to new clients that we can also let our respective emails act as our agreement, as there has been more than once that people have used their respective email communications as a form of proof in court. So make sure to basically print out copies of those emails that state any contractual arrangement you have with another party you’ve negotiated the rights for use of your illustrations or cartoons with. Cartoon usage negotiation is a science in some ways but so simple, once you become familiar with negotiating licensing fees for using cartoons you create.

Cartoon usage negotiation is a professional endeavor

You can also view sample illustration contracts by perusing various artist related websites to get a general idea so when you create your own contract, that will be your template.  Thanks for taking the time out to stop by at the ToonBlog and contact me if you have questions or you’d like to see sample templates I have created.