Cartoon Thoughts

Cartoon thoughts come and go. It’s only those that make a strong impression or have a mental impact that really stay with me. Cartoon thoughts can simply be ideas, gags or concepts for new gag panel cartoons that I intend to illustrate.

Nothing comes easy and this certainly applies to cartoons. I mean the actual guts of the cartoon. That being the gag line or “concept” which surrounds the overall cartoon. That is of course if you’re thinking up captionless cartoons which are self explanatory.

Earlier this afternoon I saw a picture of Irish rock band U2 and as everyone knows, the lead singer is Bono. He was holding the mic up to his mouth and obviously belting out one of U2’s classics. cartoon thoughtsWhat immediately struck me is how he looked as though he was wearing ski goggles!

We’ve all seen him wearing those space age looking specs and for the life of me, I cannot understand why this picture impressed this on me in such a way since I never thought of his appearance like that before. I always took for granted that his goggle like glasses were just an add on….a sort of “cool look” he decided to adopt as time went on. I decided this cartoon concept I’m sharing here would make for a good cartoon.

It makes more of a statement instead of being a laugh out loud cartoon. Cartoons don’t necessarily have to make you laugh. Sometimes those gag panels that make you ponder the meaning of the cartoon can make an impact.

It’s difficult to explain, but if I’m in a positive frame of mind, and reading an article about someone or something, those cartoon thoughts seem to flow much easier for me. Like anything, I’ve learned to keep a pen and paper handy at all times, so I can jot down these concepts and so goes the idea for the cartoon sketch I’m sharing here!