Cartoons used as teaching aids

Cartoon teaching aids include gag cartoons. Have you ever considered using gag panel cartoons in your educational programs? Are you a teacher or educator? Are you a consultant who is conducting several seminars or presentations?

cartoon teaching aidsThink about the potential use of cartoons in your consulting projects, whether your a publisher, facilitator or author or whatever professional endeavor your career takes you.

Cartoons can go a long way in helping you to convey your message and help you to emphasize a point about your business or company.

Teaching aids includes cartoons and humor

Speaking of emphasizing, use the internet to do just that by including cartoons like mine in your next social media posting. Whether you’re  devotee of Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or all of them, a well placed cartoon will get their attention.

Teachers in universities who are using the power of presentations for their classrooms can also acquire a cartoon or any number they want to include for a class. Think how much more impact your class will have on your students and over what your contemporaries may be doing.

Teaching aids such as gag cartoons can have multiple uses

Cartoons used as teaching aids doesn’t stop at the presentation or digital level. Comics work well in hand outs to your students. Use them in any of your print messages or in a newsletter or student newspapers.

Options exist where cartoonists such as myself are willing to provide you with cartoons in multiples. Buying cartoons ala carte is yet another option to consider. You can acquire a selection of 10 cartoons or 15 or more….whatever suits your upcoming project.

Cartoon teaching aids created under your art instruction

Cartoon teaching aids such as the gag panels I offer, are readily available and are a big part of these teaching aids. If you’re an educator and want custom cartoons or humorous illustrations created for a line of instructional material, I can create some visual materials examples based on your concepts or ideas. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any concerns and questions regarding cartoons for your next session!