Cartoon gift items on t-shirts

Cartoon t-shirts available featuring my  notorious gas pump robber are available on my Zazzle store. cartoon t-shirtsIt’s yet another crazy gag panel cartoon and one of my favorite types to draw because it’s a captionless cartoon and these are self-explanatory or tell the story without having to include any gag line under the cartoon.

Lots of my single panel cartoons will work great for items throughout my Zazzle stores, so I’m here and just writing about this particular shirt that has been available for quite some time. Have a look and if you have specific questions about this cartoon itself, I’m offing it for licensing in other ways. Whether you think the cartoon would work great in an article about petroleum costs around the world or possibly to use in your newsletter as a stand along single panel gag cartoon.

Gas pump robbing a human being!

It would be ideal for use on a humor page even in a book about global pricing structures based on the current demand for oil and the usage of petroleum in general. If you have a group or association seeking some type of unique gift item in the way of apparel, I hope you’ll consider purchasing this shirt for any relatives or friends who are constantly complaining about the cost of gasoline.

Cartoon t-shirts make great gifts!

Wait for the look on their face when you present them with the t-shirt! I also offer a wide variety of my cartoons for licensing on t-shirts if you’re an association seeking images to promote a company picnic, annual gathering or holiday party. You can learn about how to use cartoons on t-shirts and how those gag panel cartoons will attract attention to that specific function. Thanks for visiting the cartoon blog and if you have ideas for other kinds of gift items where cartoons will work, drop me a line!