Cartoon Syndication Business Editor for Editor & Publisher magazine – Dave Astor

Cartoon Syndication Business Editor

One particular person who had worked behind the scenes in the newspaper syndication business was Dave Astor who was hired as the cartoon syndication business editor for Editor & Publisher magazine back in 1983.
Not only did he cover the comics that appeared in the newspaperscartoon syndication business editor but also profiled the columns and the written-word (columnists and writers who were syndicated) appearing in newspaper syndication. I wanted to touch upon some of David’s phenomenal work in this area from back then, simply because he had such an interesting job that afforded him the ability to meet so many of the top names in syndication.

David would  cover events that were held in regards to cartooning and syndication .

David mentions in his book Comic (and Column) Confessional  that before he began as editor of the ‘Syndicate News’ section for E&P, that the most famous person he’d cover was President Ford when he was a journalist in New Jersey in 1975.

Meeting Famous Syndicated Cartoonists and Columnists

In 1983 when he joined Editor & Publisher, he was given the syndication “beat”…the world of comic strips, editorial cartoonists, crossword puzzles and colums. This led to his eventually meeting advice titan Ann Landers and Peanuts legend Charles Schulz.

In his capacity as syndication beat editor at the publication, David not only covered the large syndicates and those names that were a part of them, but he was extremely flexible in yet his capacity to profile the non-syndicated cartoonists.

Another reason for my writing this, because it was David who accepted my occasional press releases when I’d launch a self-syndicated cartoons project I was offering to newspapers across the United States and Canada. David was very generous in this regard, and gave me free reign on how I had to word my modest release.

This was appreciated, since it was back in the day when magazines, and hard copy had flourished and Editor & Publisher was a well read magazine by newspaper professionals, so I always received an interesting response to any efforts I made in regards to offering my cartoons to newspapers. I will post more excerpts regarding David and his book in the not too distant future, but wanted to reiterate the importance of David’s work in this publishing realm and how he attracted attention to new cartoon features, comics being launched by even the smallest of syndicates and much more.