Cartoon subject matter involving single panel gag cartoons

Cartoon subject matter comes to me in many ways. Lately I’ve found lots of it using social media.

Sometimes someone shares a meme or makes a posting about a certain topic that helps me in writing cartoon gags.

cartoon subject matter

It helps to keep an open mind and leave your thinking cap on! I have discovered that browsing Twitter can help when I’m experiencing cartoon writer’s block or experiencing “cartoonist burnout” . . . which  is the inability to create cartoon ideas.

If I’m in “cartoonist block” mode, I don’t draw either! I’ll sketch a little, but really, it’s difficult creating cartoon subject matter when I am just not feeling creative.

Ideas for cartoon content need to be “discovered”

Cartoon ideas can come to me from many different directions. Listening to the radio I may hear an announcer or broadcaster make a weird statement or repeat a joke that might give me good fodder for a gag panel cartoon!

Have the news on television playing in the background? It’s happened many times where I hear a politician or celebrity say something absurd that turns into an actual cartoon for me!

Cartoonist with an open mind?

When I am thinking on all eight cylinders, I can grab those cartoon ideas out of thin air!

Looking at the daily comic strips in the newspaper and keeping up with my favorite comic strip characters might also spawn some sort of “brain germ” where I come up with a new twist on an old cartoon concept!

I’m not saying that writing good cartoon gags is simple or easy. The one constant is to keep an open mind, leave that thinking cap on and forget your dunce cap.

And realize the various channels out there that will help you to remain creative when it comes to cartooning.