Cartoon Rejection Slips

Cartoon Rejection Slips

cartoon rejection slipsCartoon rejection slips are a normal part of a cartoonist’s modus operandi. Any cartoonist involved in the freelance business of submitting cartoons to magazines or newspapers knows the angst that these gems of editorial bliss can provide.

Over 40 something years of showing my cartoons to newspaper editors, magazine editors, newsletter publishers and others, I’ve come to accept them as a fact of life.

Below Are Are A Few Typical Rejection Slips I Have Received

The life of a cartoonist, so to speak! Never ever do I let them affect my outlook towards the business though. So many times, I’ve shown my work over a period of weeks, months and more….and voila, a sale has resulted!

Rejection slips are not a reflection on the quality of your cartoons

The fact you get work rejected isn’t exactly an indication that the editor may have a disdain for your drawing style or talent.
Many variables could be at play on the editorial side, which prevent the editor from actually using a cartoon they may like. Factors could include the publication has a backlog of previously published cartoons and they need to clear out that inventory before moving forward.

They may also have topics planned for future issues and they just can’t see any of your cartoons relating to those future topics in their editorial calendar. Other similar factors exist, but you get the idea…just continue showing your work.

Samples of rejection letters from editors

I’m including other rejection letters here….some were pertaining to the responses I got when I was self-syndicating a new cartoon feature I devised and I was syndicating my work to the weekly newspaper market. Why self-syndication? I wanted to have complete control over my work. That included creating the material, then packaging and sending out the cartoons, including promoting the feature in other forms of advertising such as display advertising. I share these rejections here, to hopefully act as an inspiration to any cartoonist deciding to go ahead and deal with rejection. The good aspect to keep in mind is that rejection slips are the negative to the positive of acceptance letters.
Possibly I’ll share some of those acceptance notes and letters at a later time!