How To Price Cartoons For Use In Social Media

Cartoon Pricing Techniques

Cartoon pricing techniques vary. There are many different ways in which I have formulated a usage fee or priced out work for having something created. It recently was brought to my attention from another resource that asked how to price pricing cartoons“licensing” existing cartoons this cartoonist had, for multiple use on various social media platforms.

Structuring fees for cartoons based on usage

It got me to thinking since many times, we are usually asked a single question….based on actually using a specific cartoon or “licensing” an image per se. Keep in mind, the key words here being  “multiple use”. I think this puts a different spin on setting up a new pricing structure for allowing an inquiring client to use a cartoon.

Multiple use, when figuring out my cartoon pricing techniques adds more value to a cartoon, in that is is used across many platforms. Those platforms being social media. Social media usage has added an entirely different value to cartoons I think, in that many businesses and companies now use sites like Facebook and Twitter as valuable promotional tools. More intrinsic value in those platforms in the form of promotion and advertising means a greater fee ought to be negotiated.

One aspect in formulating a fee I have used, is to take my initial quote and then for every additional usage on say Facebook or LinkedIn and so forth, I’ll add 50% to my quote. A good starting point is if a large corporation agrees to using a cartoon on Facebook for $100 and then decides they want to use it on Twitter and LinkedIn, I would request $200.

If this same type of request wants a cartoon colorized for the same type of usage, I always indicate adding 50% overall….so if this same creative director or graphic designer at this corporation wanted the same usage but in color, then a total of $300 would be requested. This is all hypothetical, but a good rule of thumb to keep in mind for an overall starting point when beginning to negotiate a fee structure. Each artist or cartoonist works using various formulas, and I’ve found that my own formulas seem to be compatible with most budgets.