Cartoons haven’t died with newspapers, they have just gone online

Cartoon PowerPrint media has taken a hammering lately with more and more newspapers and magazines shutting their doors.
Instead, they are moving online. News stories can be accessed in real time, and videos play a large part in bringing current affairs into our homes.
But, what has happened to the humble cartoon?
How would the creators of Charlie Brown, Fred Basset or Ginger Megs fitted into this new electronic world?

Where are cartoons today?

When print media went online it meant that the format of newspapers was changed forever. Now, we are presented with clickbait material – headlines created to induce us to read, then we are bombarded with advertisements.
We choose what we want to read about, and when. We can set up our own pages to feed us broadcasts and reports from all over the world.
So, what happened to the cartoons of old?

Cartoons are making a big impact online

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that cartoons of old are still available. They are appearing on savvy websites; put there by business owners who want to capture the minds and hearts of their visitors.
Cartoons have now become versatile and bespoke. You can have them created especially for you to fit into your brand and business marketing plan. They could center on your profession, your favorite sport or a topic that is close to your heart, like your dog or cat.

The power of cartoons

Cartoons are amazing – people love them. They bring humor and joy into our lives, and best of all, they are affordable.
If you have one on your site you will guarantee your visitors will stay longer. They will ‘feel’ more in tune with what else you are offering, and they are likely to trust your brand more.

Cartoon Power

Cartoons are simple, and yet so powerful and effective. While they may not have a significant role in online newspapers, they are certainly making their impact on websites all over the world.