Cartoon portfolio samples consisting of published cartoons

cartoon portfolio samples

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Cartoon portfolio samples  can consist of previously published cartoons. I’ve acquired a lot of old cartoon clips I have had published by various trade journals, newsletters and magazines and assembled them in a neat online cartoon portfolio I have used to my advantage.

I highly urge any cartoonist or humorous illustrator to make certain that all previous cartoons that have appeared in different print publications are used to your advantage.

Cartoon portfolio samples for promotional purposes

Years ago, I used to paste samples of my cartoon clips that appeared in different types of print publications and then have a local printer run off a thousand copies of my mock-up. Maybe other times I had 5,000 copies printed. It all depended on my budget at that time and how enthusiastic I felt at showing my new portfolio samples!

I used to have these mock-ups printed on both sides of eleven by seventeen inch size sheets and then fold them in half to fit a 9X12 inch catalog envelope to accompany 10 cartoons or fold it in half and then 3 more times to fit a #10 business envelope and use it to mail to potential new customers or clients.

When you send out brochures to new potential publishers, you show them you have a track record. You’re showing them there is a demand for your cartoons and illustration services.

Establish your cartooning credibility by promoting previously published cartoons

You are established credibility for your work as you reach out to unknown clients who will realize how well received your cartoons have been with other magazine editors and publishers.

You are your own best marketer of cartoons and this kind of tactic is a proven method. A way of gaining traction fast in the publishing world. Don’t forget, the only one holding you back is YOU. Don’t hesitate to show editors who you are and what you can do for them and their readership . . . by making them laugh with cartoons!