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Cartoon Magazine Covers

cartoon magazine coversCartoon magazine covers are another option for a cartoonist to consider offering art directors of magazines. Over a number of years in the cartooning business, I’ve been asked to create a cover design or custom cartoon for a magazine. Artwork like this is always a nice addition to the portfolio and is a nice diversion away from the usual assignments. Creating these kinds of illustrations is really no different than creating any other usual form of customized illustration. The editor or art director will simply provide you with a detailed set of concepts or a scenario which he or she feels will best work for the cover.

You then go ahead and move forward onto creating an overall rough sketch layout to show, or you might also create a couple of other rough sketches to add for additional consideration. This shows you’re flexible and offer a greater emphasis to your service. Art and creative directors will remember this and it can give you more potential work in the future.

Cartoon covers add credibility to your portfolio

Getting yourself published on a magazine cover will also add creedence to your portfolio. Include samples of your covers you’ve created and add them into promotional brochures you mail to creative directors and art directors. Add samples

of previously published work to your pages in illustration directories, and of course on your web site’s portfolio. There are endless ways in which you can use these samples to your advantage and many magazine publishers will of course give you “cover credit” within the magazine’s bylines.

Portfolio of cartoons created for magazine covers

I’ve also added some previously published samples from other trade journals which have used my services in creating special artwork for specific cover designs they asked me to create for them. The only thing that may be holding you back from doing these kinds of assignments is actually not going out to seek this kind of freelance assignment. They are out there if you look and you also need to emphasize this in your portfolio you offer to potential clients.

Promote your willingness to do custom magazine cover illustrations

Emphasize your willingness to create cartoon magazine covers. They will eventually see you stating this on your web site or in your printed promotional brochures and eventually one day, you’ll be called upon! Self promotion is always the one constant in freelance cartooning so you need to be aggressive and include any and all appropriate samples of previously published work, in order to show what you can do.