Lamp shades with cartoons on them

Cartoon lamp shades are available via my Zazzle store. I have writtencartoon lamp shades previous articles on why I like Zazzle and offering my cartoons  on their products. They have alot of variety and make it so easy for members to add their artwork or illustrations to whatever it is that we choose.

I offer this specific cartoon sailing ship because I know alot of people like boats and ships and they seem to work well on apparel and even lamp shades like the ones offered on Zazzle.

Alot of my cartoons I draw in a vertical format or “portrait” layout. When put onto this product, the result is a win-win and I think it looks great. I’m also asking readers to suggest future types of cartoon lamp shade that you think I should offer. Do you like a certain kind of animal I draw? Perhaps a cat? Or a dog? Or an animal you see in any of my farm cartoons?

Cartoon lamp shades are great conversation pieces

Did you also know that if you have your own Zazzle store, I could create a cartoon under your guidance and art instruction that you can utilize on your own? We’d of course negotiate on a specific fee for having something created from scratch.

Custom cartoons created for lamp shades and other products

I can also create cartoons for any products actually, so contact me with your questions and we can take it from there. As a Zazzle store owner, I do have experience in store layout and maintenance and also have experience in setting up products, along with how to upload and embed artwork onto the various products that are offered by this excellent print on demand service.


As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by the ToonBlog and contact me with any questions you may have about cartoons.