Cartoon Infographics

Cartoon infographics are basically infotoons or cartoons that show an informative action or explanation throughout the cartoon.

Infographics themselves have had a big impact on publishing and the digital publishers who used them throughout their web sites or print projects.

cartoon infographics

These custom cartoon infographics are also a part of what I offer here at DansCartoons and I’ve seen a greater increase in requests for having something special created.

Infographic Cartoons For Publishers

Whether these cartoon infographics are used online or in print, they can assist you in making an indelible impression with your audience or readers, whether in a presentation or speaking engagement or used in a print hand-out.

Infographics are readily available online for licensing and download. However, getting a custom cartoon infographic or “infotoon” as I call them is even better because you get something created based on how you envision that cartoon or infotoon.

methylation cycle cartoon

I’ll share a couple of recent illustrations in this article to help understand my point. A research scientist requested I create the illustration with the cartoon gag “My castle, my rules!” who was researching cancer at a children’s medical center out east.

The infotoon was to be used in a presentation. It’s basic black & white line art that makes a basic impact on the subject matter at hand….how a small molecule can inhibit tumor growth through inhibiting the DNA binding of MYC and HIF1a. These unbound protein (MYC and HIF1a) will be degraded through proteasome system.


Describing the overall idea helps immensely, in advance, and then I can create the rough sketch I envision after interpreting that description. With very few changes, it was good to go and acceptable.

Unlike an animated commercial which would cost much more to convey your message, a quality “static” image like a cartoon will get your message across and emphasize your point just as well for a lot less.