Cartoon Ideas For Gag Cartoons and Comic Strips Take Time & Patience

Cartoon Ideas

Cartoon ideas are easy to come by at certain times. The concept of gag writing and idea formation takes time and some mental creativity. cartoon ideas This article in a December 1990 issue of Editor & Publisher brings to light some interesting aspects as to a successful formula for creating the Baby Blues comic strip, which is one of my favorites. I try to read each new strip that appears in my local daily paper and find it a refreshing and funny feature with a lot of lively interaction and great gags.

I saved this old article for inspirational purposes and glad I had done so, I can share it here and also advise how I’ve came up with some of my own writing techniques, including  a cartoon ideas generator. Also by studying the strips in the day’s comics that provide inspiration for new cartoon ideas to draw.

Cartoon story ideas have also evolved from reading old cartoon anthologies and strip collections . . . not to mention good cartoon ideas that have been inspired from browsing old copies of The New Yorker magazine. I’m certain cartoon show ideas have spun off of the Baby Blues strip after enough of them have been featured in their own collections when Jerry Scott has written so many of these . . . they’re hilarious for the most part!

After my own experiences in browsing trade magazines in the education field, I’ve noticed my cartoon ideas for school publications have come much quicker when I write for the educational trade, so am certain a continuous flow of baby content or writing gags around raising kids comes as almost second nature for Scott.

If you’re considering an idea or concept for your own strip, they say write what you’re familiar with. I think what makes cartoon drawings easy to create is your familiarity with subject matter. So keep this  in mind. I’ll try not to quote any thing from this in depth article but let you absorb it on your own when you have time. Now, back to creating more cartoons!