Writing cartoon ideas is hard – finding gags for cartoons is easy!

Cartoon idea resources are all around us. cartoon idea resourcesIf you’re a cartoonist who is struggling to create new cartoon gags  and cannot seem to generate new concepts, you may be experiencing writer’s block.


However, you may just be thinking the wrong way, as resources are now so readily available and all around you! The local daily newspaper is one phenomenal resource for cartoon ideas I’ve gone to.

Resources for finding gag cartoon ideas

Yet another unique tactic I’ve used in the past is to write directly to editors of magazines to requiest a series of complimentary copiues or previous issues to look at and browse through them and I’d surprise myself at how many ideas naturally occurred to me as I went through those magazines and newsletters.

Print media can generate cartoon concepts!

I was able to do this with medical magazine, computer magazines and so many other trade journals when I was drawing and creating cartoons for the trade journal markets.

Another great resource was the local news, or our world news…listening through and jotting down key phrases or terminology that was popular has also assisted as a way to generate new ideas for cartoons.

Cartoon idea resources also are available online….where else?! Look at your Facebook timeline, browse through and read all of your connections trials and tribulations….there is a wealth of information and fodder there which lends itself greatly to generating and coming up with new cartoon gags. Take time to look and browse through groups online where people share jokes and funny stories.

Cartoon idea resources are readily available all around you

Look at other social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn….they too, have dedicated groups you can actually join in which you can glean positive information from in the way of humor, jokes and writing.

Keep that 3X5 pad handy along with your trusty pen, jotting down anything and everything that would pertain to making up a good single panel gag cartoon and most of all, look in the back pages of your local daily newspaper and read through every comic strip – research the story lines from panel to panel and I can guarantee your train of thought will be side tracked on that funny set of tracks!