Cartoon idea generators come in many forms

Cartoon idea generators are all around us. Did you ever struggle to come up with new gags or ideas for your gag cartoons?

Did you ever encounter “cartoonist’s block”? Did you come up with a cartoon you created, look at it and thought “Blaagh!”?
cartoon idea generators

Over the years, I’ve endeavored to come up with sellable cartoon gags in so many different ways.

Working with gag writers, looking at encyclopedias, and so many other ways.

Generating cartoon gag ideas and concepts

Some of my usual techniques in helping me to come up with and generate new cartoon gags include (but are not limited to!):

  • Reading the daily newspaper. So much potential exist in it!
  • Reading through old encyclopedia…the pictures alone will spark your creativity
  • Using a “gag wheel” – a device with a mixture of words aqnd phrases on it – cartoonist Lo Linkert created one of his own, and sold it!
  • Magazines like Look and those on the magazine stands are great for new potential ideas

Those are some of the most basic ways. Perhaps you’re an innovative thinker who can suggest other unique resources!

At the same time, we also have the internet. I personally consider it a useful go-to resource for gathering ideas for your cartoons.

Writing for the single panel gag cartoon genre

there are online plot generator tools and websites available to those who are writing cartoon show ideas that could be useful for the single panel gag cartoonist seeking ideas.

I’ve found that Facebook can also help in prompting new conscepts for new cartoon ideas.

Take some time to browse the various feeds on your timeline and write down keywords and phrases that your friends and associates are talking about.

You’ll be surprised at how fast some new ideas will occur to you, based on someone complaining about their kids, problems at home with their utilities, their neighbors or possibly something they’re experiencing at work.

Other social media platforms can produce the same results. With all of this in mind, continue seeking out new ways to generate new cartoon gags and you’ll ensure yourself of a great wealth of humorous cartoon content to offer the world!