Cartoon Drawing Paper Used By Cartoonists

Cartoon Drawing Paper

Cartoon drawing paper comes in many different forms. When I wanted to begin showing my work to magazine editors, I was very concerned. So concerned that I initially contacted various cartoonists personally, and asked what type they would use.

It was an intriguing and frustrating question at times. Simply from the standpoint Icartoon drawing paper wanted to “get it right”. So I now laugh at myself by obsessing over something that is actually minuscule in regards to actual types of  drawing paper.


It doesn’t mater really! I want to emphasize this fact again:  drawing paper does not matter! At first, I was told that basic typing paper was the norm, used by most cartoonists.

Of course, typing paper is now an obsolete term, since no one uses a typewriter! However, back in the day, the “go to” brand of typing paper suggested by most single panel gag cartoonists was 25% cotton bond 16lb. paper. This was a paper that held up well in the mail and allowed for a good inking. The paper absorbed the India ink as it flowed from the pen tip (usually a Speedball B-6) onto the paper nice and smooth. And the ink dried fast also.

Photocopy paper is best for drawing cartoons

Move forward 10 to 15 years when photocopy paper made it’s debut – as photocopiers became cheaper in price and more affordable for those with the standard “home office” – OR cartoon studio as we refer to it here on the ToonBlog. Now you can buy a ream of copier paper at your local convenience store or corner grocery store. Boxes of reams of copy paper can be found on sale for very cheap. The days of a cartoonist fretting over the specific type of drawing paper to use are literally non existent.

Cartoon drawing techniques have now gone digital

Many illustrators and cartoonists now use drawing tools that are digital…such as drawing tablets and special software. The world of cartooning is now in constant flux!