Cartoon Designed Laughter

cartoon designed laughter

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Is every single panel gag cartoon funny? A question that makes you wonder  if cartoons are meant to make you think or are they specifically created to incite cartoon designed laughter. These funny pictures I create from ideas in my imagination, often may not even come off as being humorous but rather make the reader think a bit more about the content or message in the cartoon.

I often look at cartoons in The New Yorker magazine and I don’t laugh, not even a smile at many that get published. I think they’re designed along the lines of making the readers think more about what’s in the message of the cartoon. The actual “guts” that make up the gag or the idea. The drawing or cartoon style will carry the rest of the concept itself. And I enjoy looking at the diverse cartooning styles.

Cartoons make readers think & laugh

It’s been a common consensus among many that cartoons appearing in The New Yorker aren’t funny at all. There’s even an episode I recall watching of The Family Guy where Peter Griffin ponders and stares incessantly at a cartoon in the magazine, just not getting the gag. It’s hilarious and relatable! This is where cartoon designed laughter might be understandable.

An image illustrated to look so hilarious, that the reader laughs out loud at just not the gag or message within the overall scope of the panel, but the way the cartoon itself is drawn or illustrated. When I get an idea for a cartoon, I focus on the actual “idea” per se and how I’ll lay the initial sketch layout on paper. How to feature the characters, make them appear and so on. I never think “funny” from the get-go. And with so many cartoonists out there slinging the ink, I often times wonder about this. I believe everyone of them is thinking on different levels, which makes the cartoon market so diverse and interesting.