Cartoon copyright theft online

cartoon copyright violationsCartoon copyright violations are rampant on the internet. Stealing cartoons seems to be the norm, throughout the blogosphere. I’ve emphasized many times over how stealing cartoons and using them without permission is one of the cartoon copyright violations where you eventually are discovered.

While bloggers launch new sites every day around the clock, new online newsletters are launched continually and when new sites are continually propogating on the web, so go the chance of your cartoons being stolen and used without your knowledge or permission.

Using cartoons without permission is a crime

I have a British cartoon licensing agency that continuously alerts me to finding stolen cartoons of mine on the web and it’s nice of them to keep me in the loop on these violators.

Web designers and other so-called profeesionals may see your work online and basically highlight the work and copy it to a folder on their hard drive for later use. They obviously haven’t got a clue regarding  cartoonist copyrights! This is where it’s always worth emphasizing how you’re going to be granting cartoon copyrights because your website cartoons are vulnerable unless you, as the owner of those specific cartoons can let visitors know that cartoon copyright violation is a crime.

Cartoon copyright violations are an ongoing problem

Cartoon copyright violations can be easily avoided if they actually accept to pay for the use of the cartoon. And this could very well be the case where you’re not emphasizing the preferred licensing fees for cartoons. Setting aside a page where you list usage and pricing based on that usage will assist your potential customers greatly.


I’m providing a sample of one of my cartoons found online and used by a German site that stole one of my gag panel cartoons without my permission. This is outright internet piracy!


Yes, I eventually contacted them and they finally paid….but had they not been found out, that law related cartoon would not have generated additional income. Be vigilant and persistent when it comes to enforcing your copyrights.