Cartoon copyright laws cartoonists can take advantage of

Cartoon copyright laws are on the side of the cartoonist and always will be. cartoon copyright lawsCartoon copyright laws assign licensing power to cartoonists who need to be aware of the value of their creations.


Whether cartoonists are specializing in gag panel cartoon, or whether cartoonists are syndicated comic strip creators or operate their own image licensing database of cartoons, it is imperative to retain the rights to cartoon art and license their work according to any usage applied to their images.

Cartoon copyright laws are a topic I’m passionate about because I know there are abusers and copyright violators waiting to use cartoonists’ work without their permission.

Setting fees by cartoonists to use copyrighted cartoons

I’ve been writing about copyrights over the last few days and want to continue with this article where I’d like to focus on setting a fee for your cartoons.
Setting fees to license your cartoons

Without previous experience in granting permission to licensing your cartoons, you may find it difficult determining a fee.

Unfortunately, due to antitrust laws, there are no standard fees. However, this may not be an unfortunate circumstance in that it allows we cartoonists alot of flexibility in negotiating a fee for our work.

Market value of cartoons can be determined in different ways

You can determine the market value for your cartoons in several ways. Examine some of my licensing fees for cartoons or you can ask the requestor for the average fee being charged for other similar kinds of cartoons.


You could ask the requestor to offer a fee, then decide if that price fits in with what you’d expect and of course there are pricing structures for cartoons that I’ve written about in the past.

So in essence, consider what the requestor can afford, what kind of usage they’ll apply to the cartoon and what is a fair price that your competitors are receiving for similar work.

Cartoon copyright laws are a priority for cartoonists

Alot of times, competition won’t divulge much and you shouldn’t expect anything in that area to begin with. However, by calling editors and authors, you can gather information in that way if they have used competitor’s cartoons before. It never hurts to ask in order to get a good ideas as to what the market place is valued at for cartoons.

Cartoonist who value their work need to realize copyrights

Another good topic to discuss in my next article will be “specific stipulations” regarding the use of your cartoons in any professional manner. You might be surprised what you need to consider or should be taken into consideration when if comes to having one of your gag panels used in a professional project!