Give your visitors a good laugh with cartoons and they’ll keep coming back to your website

With more and more people using smartphones or tablets to search online a new and frankly worrying trend is emerging. They are literally staying on websites less and less. Cartoon content can retain visitor’s time spent on your site.  If you aren’t being entertained immediately they simply swipe away.
While industry averages differ, most websites have bounce rates up in the 80% to 90% range. If your bounce rates are fall within the 60% to 70% range you are doing well.
However most are not, and this usually means visitors are staying 10 to 20 seconds on your website. That’s not long, is it? It’s certainly not long enough for you to get your message across, particularly if you are using traditional banners and words. But what if you had cartoons on your site? How much difference would that make?

Cartoons will help keep visitors on your site

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Custom comic strips available – © not for reprint unless licensing fee is negotiated

Cartoons are magnetic. We see the familiar box and images and the talking balloons, and our interest piques. What will the joke be? Will I understand it? Does it relate to me and my needs?
While your visitors are mulling over these questions these precious few seconds add up. Before you know it your bounce rates have dropped and your site is ranking higher than it did before. And the truth is, we all love to laugh. What better way to help brighten your visitor’s day!

Cartoons encourage bookmarking

Bookmarking websites is the practice of digitally marking the site so you can come back over and over again.If your visitors are bookmarking your site it means you have something of value to offer them. It means they don’t want to lose your site in the maze of hundreds of thousands of sites out there. It also means they want to know more about you and your business.

Cartoon Content Energizes Your Web Layout

Cartoons bring joy and humor to people’s lives, and this is one way to make sure people don’t forget your site and bookmark it for later viewing. Talk to Dan about what cartoons would best suit your business? Do your visitors need a good dose of daily fun, or would cartoons created especially for your audience be better?Whichever you choose, there is bound to be something to delight and charm each visitor your site receives.