Cartoon Consumption

In previous posts I have mentioned the benefits of using cartoons. Now let’s talk about the benefits of reading cartoons…which are ultimately health related.cartoon consumption

Why you ask? Simply because they involve smiling and laughter. There are indeed many genuine health benefits from smiling and laughter. I feel strongly about these benefits so let’s review them okay?

Health benefits related to cartoon consumption

Let’s first consider the biological benefits of smiling. In a noted scientific medical research, smiling activates the release of our natural human neurotransmitters within our body that fight off stress.

These neurotransmitters are chemical agents that serve as messengers within the human brain. Our internal “feel good” neurotransmitters, including dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are all released when a smile flashes across our face after reading a funny cartoon or comic strip!

Therefore, this simple act of smiling will serve to relax our body, and can also lower our heart rate and reduce blood pressure. All from simple cartoon consumption! Many of us may well underestimate the positive impact a simple cartoon may bring. Funny cartoons will definitely have an impact one way or another.

Cartoons Make You Healthy!

Smiling is of course non-verbal but carries a very strong positive mental and physical impact. This allows the reader to enjoy a sense of humor and appreciate the cartoon art form in a personal way. All from seeing a funny cartoon character depicted in a humorous way with a good caption below it!

These are just a few of the beneficial side-effects of reading cartoons. It’s been shown to offer physiological, psychological, social, spiritual and overall quality-of-life benefits.  All derived from laughing (and smiling at!) at cartoons.

Scientifically speaking, there are many other benefits too numerous to mention, although there is a social aspect also. Think about how friends shared cartoons in the past, by clipping a favorite funny comic strip out of the newspaper or a gag panel that was seen in a certain magazine that they could relate to.

Were you ever someone who noticed a clever cartoon taped on side of a cash register in a convenience store or other business? Some businesses had bulletin boards clustered with various cartoons and comic strips.

The act of cartoon consumption is just like going to your favorite theater and enjoying a stand up comedian. Or like watching a funny comedy!