Cartoon Coloring Books For Business Self Promotion and Marketing

Cartoon Coloring Books

Cartoon coloring books are yet another great offering from my custom cartoons portfolio!

Let’s say for instance you have a financial consulting firm and you do alot of facilitator or consulting work related to consulting.cartoon coloring books

Why not create a custom coloring book to offer as a hand out to attendees at your functions. Perhaps at a presentation, or Christmas party etc. These can act as a form of advertising or self promotion for your firm. Give them to friends for their kids to color or yet again, use it as an “adult coloring book”

Adult coloring books are the popular publishing genre of today and lend themselves well towards similar types of hand-outs. Another excellent example for having a similar custom coloring book created . . . let’s assume you have a dental firm and ideally, you can offer customers free books for their kids to color in the waiting room or at home. Your customers will definitely remember your name or the name of the clinic and so would the kids. Custom coloring  books for kids are a popular self promotional tool from a marketing standpoint. Having a custom book like a coloring book would act as a promotional brochure that represents your service or business.

Similar to  custom cartoon calendars, it would have a so-called “shelf life” and make many future impressions for you and your business or service that you provide.

Contact me at my email address or form on my contact page to get an actual quote and supply as much information about your business as possible in order for me to get an idea as to what kind of coloring book you’re considering. Some books can have several pages while others might have several dozen pages. Some may have a simple black and white line art design for the cover while others could have a full color cartoon on the cover to attract more attention.