Clip art featuring cartoons

Cartoon clip art is a great alternative to the use of single panel gag cartoons. Some of my cartoon clip art relating to specific subjects is available like in my cat cartoons catalog. cartoon clip artThis will give you an idea of my simplicity of line and ought to help you decide whether or not having something customized would work for your project.


Many times a more basic line art may be what you’re looking for, as opposed to have cartoons that contain a lot of detail like cross hatching or are embellished in grey wash. As I recently told an advertising layout person, if a cartoon is reduced to a smaller size of pixels, this can muddle or blur the artwork and cause problems with it’s quality and appearance.

Clip art cartoons work well in any articles or blogs

However, if a more simpler line art is applied, like clip art, it will reduce accordingly and hold up the line art well, when reduced to a smaller size.

Cartoon clip art can be enhanced using color to attract

The sample clip art I am showing with this article of the praying hands is colorized so you get an idea how well color enhances basic line art. If you have ideas in which you’d like me to create rough sketches for, and then colorize later, just ask any questions you have as it’s a simple process. Color cartoons will always attract the reader’s eye faster than basic black and white line art.


Clipart cartoon characters can be just as effective as well known comic strip characters if placed in any of your print projects so long as they’re placed effectively! Used at the beginning or end of an article, they help convey your message perfectly.

Funny cartoon clipart can easily be found and downloaded but the best clipart is that which you can customize or have created under your art instruction. Thanks for stopping by the ToonBlog and ask questions if you have them!