Cartoon Characters Developed To Your Specifications

cartoon character developmentCartoon character development is yet another offering I provide to any and all businesses and professional services. Have you launched a new business that requires a cartoon character? Are you launching a product or service that needs cartoon character representation? Many times a clever looking face that people may be able to identify with, will generate attention to your message or product. I’ve never felt that my cartooning or drawing style fits into any specific niche. I take flexibility serious when it comes to offering my cartooning abilities and never wanted to paint myself into a corner by providing just one specific discipline (or style) when it comes to being a cartooning.

Cartoons depicting characters that represent your company

I can do comic strips, I can create gag panel cartoons, I can create book illustrations and can draw line art for use on apparel and much more, including cartoon character development to represent you and your message and the product or service behind it!  I’ve always felt that offering my services to a broad spectrum of the business market works well for me. I’ll share some previous samples of work I have created for various types of commercial ventures and want to attest to the fact that I can help you also. Look what Popeye had done for sales of spinach…look what Smokey The Bear has done for fire prevention and awareness…look what Mr. Clean has done for industrial detergent… and on and on, you get the idea! Getting something created starts with a simple notion or idea and I can take it to the next level by simply assisting you with the following:

  • Give me some background regarding your business
  • Provide me with your concept or idea regarding your character
  • How do you intend to use the image or character
  • I will create rough sketches based on your information
  • You review the sketches and advise me what to change or modify

Below is a small gallery of previous images I’ve collected that represent various styles I can work in. They’re all cartoonish in their own right, but I deviate in my “form” so to speak, and try to illustrate “outside the box”. As mentioned, I’m not pigeonholing myself. If you want an “art deco-ish” appearance to a character, or a heavy line art / simple cartoon style, I can render in that way. If you want perspective within the overall appearance of the work, fine. I like to draw with perspective in mind and feel if I draw in a one dimensional style, over and over, my work gets boring.  Drawing in a lot of different ways will inevitably enhance my ability to provide quality cartoon character development.

Cartoon character development done to your specifications

My gallery below will provide a better insight and hopefully generate ideas you’re also contemplating. Don’t hesitate to ask specific questions and by all means, contact me with your phone number if you feel we need to discuss at length. I will call you. Thanks as always for taking the time to visit the ToonBlog and forward this information to a business associate who you feel may benefit from this information. If you are considering having custom cartoons or characters created to represent your mission statement, I am here for you.