Cartoon Changes
cartoon changes

Cartoon changes are an important part of the offerings here at DansCartoons. I am showing a sample cartoon for you to get an idea as to a typical change that often times I get in email requests. If there are any cartoons you see throughout any of my various cartoon catalogs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or simply ask any questions about cartoons that may be of interest.

The sample I am profiling here is a basic line art cartoon showing some young kids who are obviously on a trek to and from school. The little girl is carrying a book while the boy walking along side of her has his own back pack. Cartoon changes like this are relatively fast and simple.

Provide me with details regarding your cartoon of interest and changes needed

A fellow student walking past them has a back pack also. It’s surprising the young girl as the boy tells herBilly has his new smart back pack!” Obviously one of my gag cartoons that is  education related cartoon humor.

Even though you have the option of getting immediate downloads for any cartoons you purchase here, I also emphasize the fact you can get the cartoon of your choice modified per your instructions and attached in an email sent to your email address.

I’m showing a cartoon at the beginning of this article. Notice the cartoon word balloon? The additional sample here shows that same cartoon minus that hand lettered word balloon and the text is added underneath the cartoon characters instead.

This is displayed to give you an idea on how different requests to do cartoon changes can be handled in case you’d like a cartoon provided in a different way. There are flexible cartoon options so do keep this in mind. Perhaps you’d like a certain element deleted (like the School Zone sign in the sample here). My online cartoon database is provided as a reference tool aside from it offering images for immediate downloading. Please make a note of this.