Buyers of cartoons

cartoon buyersCartoon buyers will accumulate if you stick with the freelance cartooning business long enough. I was able to build a “stable” of regular markets for myself after I established my work with a certain number of magazines. Even though I started out small, by mailing 10 cartoons to Plumber’s Digest, then 10 more to Cattleman’s Digest and another 10 cartoons sent to Marriage and Family Living magazine and so on. It wasn’t long before I realized I had 800 cartoons in circulation. Then later 1,000 cartoons were in circulation (10 cartoons X 100 submissions in circulation). Ultimately I had a little over 2,000 different cartoons in motion . . . it was crazy!

Regular cartoon clients take persistence

It took several years to realize I had built up enough of an inventory that I was earning a fairly regular and decent living at cartooning. It took time and effort and a lot of patience to acquire all of the  publishers that showed an interest in my work.

Steady cartoon clients equal steady income

Even though this discipline wasn’t a “wealth generator”, the actual learning curve and the actual number of years I devoted to it had helped me hone and develop a decent cartoon style. Those factors alone were worth more to me than any expensive art school tuition could have offered. I was learning then and still am, as of this writing.  In fact, many years ago when most creatives realized that technology was slowly sucking the life out of print, it became evident that figuring out how to use software, develop web coding and so on, was yet another new learning curve. I’m still tweaking my Photoshop skills after having used the program for years, and am still stumbling across new techniques with coding and WordPress web development software.

Cartoon buyers could become regular clients

So the cool part is actually realizing you have to step on the gas and steer into that technological learning curve a bit more than usual. Cartoon buyers will still come along for those cartoonists who hang in there and adapt to the new and remember the old. My best way to share and remember the old is show some old acceptance letters from cartoon buyers I had in yesteryear. At least they’re not rejection slips, and believe me, I had grocery bags full of rejections, until I got tired of looking at them and put them in the burning barrel! Here is a small handful of the many clients I was working with but I acquired many more who were in the medical field where editors of state association newsletters used my medical cartoons and my dental cartoons and there were so many more.
Hopefully these notes I share here will act as a form of inspiration to any aspiring would-be cartoonist who needs a boost. You can do it, but as I say, it takes persistence and perseverance . By continuing through constant rejection, you eventually see constant acceptance. The secret to that, will be nurturing that acceptance. The yin can be very rewarding to the yang!