Cartoon books for business

Cartoon books are readily available online and any of my own cartoons are also available for reprint / licensing in your e-book project or CreateSpace venture or publishing project.

cartoon booksMy cartoons are licensed for use in textbooks and educational manuals and in teaching books.

Cartoon books are very popular in either digital format or in hard copy print format.

Have you found it difficult to find cartoons for your book publishing projects? Have you found it hard to decide on who to license cartoons from?


I offer thousands of funny single panel gag cartoons you can actually purchase once – if you see a cartoon that fits a project perfectly, or you can purchase my gag cartoons ala carte where you tell me what reference numbers to send you, and I handle the rest.

Cartoons used in books as a form of self-promotion

Some professional cartoonists prefer sending cartoons in PDF format and my modus operandi consists of formatting each specific cartoon you request, then attaching it in a single compressed file folder I’d set up and send you separately from my end.

Ideal ways in which my cartoons might assist you for any cartoon books you want to publish…

  • Offer visitors to your business a “free” cartoon book
  • Have display advertising on the front and inside covers to promote your business
  • Publish cartoon books as a hand-out with coupons offering discounts to your business
  • Publish a cartoon book you can then have your local daily newspaper offer as an insert
  • Cartoon books could have gag cartoons relating to your business – offer it as a “coloring book

Cartoon books can be used by your business as an insert in your local daily newspaper to promote your company or service

Emphasizing a point through the use of cartoon books is easily attainable. book cartoons | book illustration serviceI can assist you with any questions you might have and I am also providing links to samples where publishers have used cartoons by Dan Rosandich appearing in various books to lend some creedence to what I’m writing about here.

The bullet points above are only a short sampling of how comics and single panel gag cartoons can be used within your overall business practices.