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Cartoon blogs like this one proliferate across the web. And with it will be my contributions to this humble page where I can share some of my in depth thoughts on work I have created and share specific cartoon projects I’ve worked on. Ever wonder how a cartoon concept is formed for a single panel gag cartoon? Or how a cartoonist markets his services and availability? Some answers will be posted soon.

Or browse my previous postings in the archives list along side of the page, where I’ve written about finding cartoon markets or what types of tools cartoonists use for creating their work.  I will also write about topics you’d find interesting if you can provide me with feedback and suggestions by dropping a line at anytime, using my contact form. All suggestions will be considered.

Cartooning Information Online

In this information age it is phenomenal for young cartoonists wanting to learn about the world of cartooning and drawing! Access to very interesting cartooning blogs  offers hopeful cartoonists tips on drawing comic strips, single panel gag cartoons, writing your own gags, how to generate ideas for single panel gag cartoons and so much more. When I started in the 1970’s, we only had access to mail order courses and specialized newsletters that catered to the cartooning business. Newsletters like Cartoon World (by George Hartman in Lincoln, Nebraska), Gag Recap (which is still published), Funny Papers (by Loyal Pallady in Minneapolis) and Toon In (by cartoonist Paul Swan in Texas) were all great informative publications which were loaded with markets looking for cartoons, how much they paid and so much more.

Cartoon Information Updates Available

I kept many of those old copies as a form of inspiration when I need it! Now a majority of similar information can be found electronically, and  so as it should be.
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