Cartoonists representing themselves and their cartoon services

Cartoon agents were prevalent in the days when print was king. By that I mean, years ago and long before the digital revolution, there were all kinds of markets and places that utilized single panel gag cartoons. cartoon agentsThe popularity most likely evolving from the magazines that featured them. Many times, cartoonists who were not able to venture into New York City or other “meccas” where the magazine publishing industry thrived, an “agent” would represent the cartoonist. They could also be referred to as “cartoonist representatives” or “agents” if you will. The usual procedure involved an illustrator or cartoonist crossing paths with a reputable agent. Then they would communicate via phone or mail and a contractual agreement was signed and the cartoonist would then forward specific types of his or her work from which the agent would choose for representing in front of art directors and cartoon editors at the various magazines they’d promote their clients to.

Cartoon agents now use digital technology

Seems like a relatively simple and easy business association. With the advent of technology, relying on these agents became archaic in a sense. No longer did the creative mind need outside resources to promote his or her work for them. For the most part, in this new digital realm we live in, the best cartoon agents are the creators themselves. Cartoonists can represent themselves in so many ways on a professional level now.

Various forms of cartooning self promotion

Reaching out to creative directors, editors, consultants and those in similar positions can be done via one’s own professional cartoon web site and portfolio pages. You can send promotional emails through your home computer directly to the editors themselves. You can even send your own printed portfolio samples using the mails to show art directors and editors what you can do for them.

I can’t emphasize it enough, but cartoonists representing themselves is the most logical way in which to offer your skill set to any and all creatives that might need your services. If you have new ways in which to use self promotion and promote your cartooning abilities, contact me and I will include it in a future ToonBlog post.  Thank you for stopping by!