Cartoons purchased ala carte is more affordable

Buying cartoons ala carte  is yet another flexible offer I provide here buying cartoons ala carteat Danscartoons. I wanted to briefly write about this in case someone may want to purchase several images.

I recently posted in a separate article about multiple cartoon purchasing at discounted pricing and it dawned on me about the “ala carte” aspect which is something I currently provide newspapers also.

I provide cartoons for newspapers on a similar basis.

Multiple cartoons purchased in bulk

A “for instance” being if a paper publishes on a weekly basis, and they want to choose and use a different cartoon from any of my cartoon catalogs, they can take some time and see which ones may appeal to their audience or readership.

This would be a total of 52 cartoons.

Normally, I’ll offer them a year’s worth and allow them to build their own package . . . a form of flexibility that’s worked well with other newspaper editors.

This same philosophy can work with a consultant for instance.

Cartoon packages are more affordable for publishers

Instead of looking through and choosing 5 separate cartoons – because that is all his or her budget will afford for that particular presentation, they can tell me which particular cartoons they’d like and I would in turn format each of them and attach them in a follow-up email including an invoice for their records.

Ant this of course, would be at a discounted negotiable rate. The same aspect applies to any actual number of cartoons that might interest you.

Buying cartoons ala carte simply requires you contact me with all pertinent details on the number of cartoons you need, which ones you’re interested in and how you intend to use them.

As I’ve indicated in previous articles, the cartoon usage factor will assist in providing you with a licensing quote for licensing cartoons you’re interested in that will be conducive to your budget, based on that designated usage.


If you have other questions, just ask as I can always assist. Thank you!