Business women cartoons about women in business

Business women cartoons can be created if you seek something needing customization. As I have emphasized in previous articles here on the ToonBlog, customizing cartoons like these are my women cartoons

Perhaps you’re writing content about women in business for a magazine article or a special blog post about business women.

I can definitely help you out by creating a rough sketch for you based on your idea or concept. Describe it in a short paragraph if you can, and I’ll create a rough sketch and attach it for your review.

You then look over the rough sketched artwork, tell me what to change or modify and I can then turn that artwork into a final inked cartoon or humorous illustration, depending on what you need the cartoon for.

Custom corporate cartoon humor about women

Many of my business cartoons I’ve generated for business related magazines have included ladies as chief executive officers and owners of companies. This concept became quite apparent over time when many editors began asking me to add some diversity to the look and feel of my gag panels.

It truly makes sense, why not? So many of today’s “top bosses” are women and I don’t need to start listing all of them, you know who the top CEO’s are.I took this same philosophy and applied it across the board, and included women workers in many of my cartoons there after.

Editors and publishers can be the best critics of a contributor’s work, and so it is with cartoonists who submit to magazines!

Women in business cartoons can be created for your projects

Multiple cartoons similar to the sample provided in this article can also be created. If fo a book, or for a special presentation or to use in a business blog, I will work fast to assist you in completing a project that will appeal to your readers or visitors. Ask any questions you may have and a special quote will be provided in advance of doing rough sketches, so we’re both on the same page. Thank you for taking time to visit and if you have any associates in publishing or consulting who you think would find my services of interest, I hope you’ll forward the link to this blog page.