Bulk Cartoon Purchase

Bulk cartoon purchasing offers multiple cartoon discounts can easily be taken care of if you have anbulk cartoon purchasing interest in buying 10 cartoons and more. Sometimes you may have an interest in more than one cartoon. In fact, you may see 10 or more images that have potential for your upcoming presentation or book. I normally consider a lower fee if an interest is shown in using multiple cartoons and thought I’d touch upon a few factors to help you decide.

Bulk cartoon purchasing is buying 10 cartoons or more

I normally offer cartoons for set pricing of finite licensing fees. For instance if you go to my https://danscartoons.com/cartoon/ page, you can access any of the more than 60 separate catalogs of cartoon humor and when clicking the thumbnails throughout all of the various catalogs, you’re taken to a page with a payment selection of $55.00 usd for using a cartoon digitally (in a presentation, web page etc.) Some browsing have thought if they choose 10 separate cartoons for that usage, it would cost them $550.00.

Cartoons purchased in bulk offer greater discounts

Keep in mind, starting with 10 or more cartoons, I will deduct 10% off of the overall amount, so $550.00 worth of cartoons would actually cost you $495.00 which which would be a considerable discount. Please keep this in mind. The ten percent deduction would apply to the other pricing structures also. This will act as an incentive if you have a book you’re planning or a web site that you’d like to enhance with more than just one cartoon.
The more cartoons purchased the lower the overall licensing fee
Additionally, let’s also say if you’re questioning using them in an e-book, that would be a one-time licensing payment which would relieve you of having to make any other future payments, based on whether you’re going into a second or third printing. This would be ideal if you’re launching an e-book project and all I’d ask if you’d give my cartoon web site URL inline or above / below each cartoon as a byline or credit.