United Kingdom Cartoonists Offer Unique Cartoons To The Cartoon World!

British cartoonists are well known for their special cartoon humor and comic contributions

British cartoonists and the cartoons they create caught my attentionbritish cartoonists many years ago. I was always a fan of the dry witty humor offered by those creative souls “across the pond” and there are many of them!


It amazed me how a smaller country like Great Britain produced such top-notch cartooning talent. British cartoonists caricaturists and and comic artists proliferate to this day in Great Britain and I try to keep on top of what is evolving in the ever changing world of cartooning over there!

Of course there is Martin Rowson and another of the more famous British cartoonists that caught my attention was Reg Smythe who worked on one of the best known of the syndicated comic strips of all time, Andy Capp.

Favorite syndicated British comic strip Andy Capp

I always appreciated Andy Capp and the demented ideas he had in order to get out of the house and down to the pub. He makes Leroy Lockhorn look like a choir boy! Alot of caustic wit!

As I began to reach out and promote cartooning services I offered, I looked for new potential markets to sell single panel gag cartoons to, over in England as there was a flourishing market for gag cartoons.

England cartoonist Ivor WynneAt the same time, I encountered like-minded gag cartoonists like Ivor Wynne (an autographed original he gave me appears in this article) and none other than Kevin Smith (aka KES) who also gave me an autographed original I am sharing here. Kevin has illustrated such famous books as Enchanted Crocodiles and his gag panel cartoons appear in print publications in England and around the globe via the internet.

Cartoon humor markets in the United Kingdom

So many times, keeping in touch meant trading cartooning information and of course markets or actual publications that used cartoons.  I ultimately made some solid publishing contacts back in the 1990’s and had regular sales to gossip / news tabloids like The Sun which had a feature called “Sun Fun’ that offered readers alot of cartoon gags….it was kind of crazy because the publication used them all throughout the newspaper and paid very well for using so much work.

I was also able to sell color cartoons to the British men’s magazine Club thanks to keeping in touch with fellow cartoonists in Britain.
It was Kevin who supplied me with various copies of The Jester which I am sharing a copy cover of in this article.

This cartoonist newsletter is the official monthly publication of the Cartoonist’s Club Of Great Britain and as you might imagine, is chock full of cartoonist news about cartoonists from the United Kingdom, cartooning related events and various markets and publications that were looking for and buying cartoon humor. It’s a unique glimpse into the active cartoon scene in England! The Cartoonists Club of Great Britain has since grown in leaps and bounds since these old copies of The Jester were given to me.