Book Cartoons

Book Cartoons

Book cartoons for books of all types. For years I’ve sent my work to book publishing companies, book packagers, and book cartoons I have also purchased lists from various list brokers that specialize in supplying creatives, with pressure sensitive mailing labels that are book publishers. This is actually a great way for an illustrator or cartoonists to promote who they are and what they do.

How do authors and writers find cartooning services?

Many of my gag panels have been found by authors via my brochures being referred to other authors. I have also had calls directly from creative and art directors who I’ve sent my samples to. How do I do this? Simple, find a reputable printer in my area, make up a two-sided mock up with previously published samples of my cartoons and other illustrations. It’s a great way to promote humorous illustration services to book publishers.

Ways to show your cartoon samples to book publishers

book illustration serviceI then take this mock up and tell the printer how many copies I want printed. Usually on good stock paper that will hold up well when sent through the mail but normally sized at about eight and a half inches by 14 inches and add my contact info on it with as much art as I can put onto the two sides. Maybe 1,000 or even 5,000 copies. It just depends on how ambitious I am.

The book cover which I am showing here, is available on Amazon and I recall the editor of this particular book had seen several of my education cartoons on my web catalog and we negotiated a licensing fee. There are so many other ways in which you can get your work in front of art directors and authors though. Such as sending out direct mail brochures with samples of your cartoons on them.

Your two biggest expenditures will be postage, and printing. Carefully put together a decent comparison on what you can afford for other elements such as envelopes and then of course, shop around. Good luck!