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blogging cartoonsWhen I post any information on cartoons or cartooning in general, my blogging cartoons will accompany my articles or blog posts I write. I have noticed I sometimes create many of these featured images to accompany the article content.

Some of my other postings may feature text or tear sheets of scans from other content I write about. Over as many months, I’m a bit surprised at how many custom cartoons I’ve created for blogs I’ve written.

I think I’ll share a handful of past favorites here in this specific post and tell a little oncartooning my latest colorizing techniques when I create these cartoons. Normally when I get a concept or idea to write about, I’ll conceptualize a cartoon image or concept and sketch it out using a Sharpie Marker onto standard copy paper.

A majority of the time, those free hand cartoons look like they are already good enough for scanning into photoshop and then I RGB the image, and drop in my color scheme where appropriate and then size each cartoon. Usually at a thousand pixels in width, because the good thing about the Word Press blogging composer is that it allows users to add their media – mine being images and cartoons – and then size each cartoon up or down incrementally. It’s a nice feature to have and it’s not a “one size fits all” like other web composers offer.

digital cartoonsOnce all that is done, I can check my cartoon text for misspelling and make those appropriate corrections, add my appropriate H1 and other H2 tags, center all text and publish my content to the Toonblog. If you’re thinking about launching your own cartoon blog, I highly recommend Word Press and you can find all kinds of good forums, not to mention video tutorials that show how to use the web editing program.

Doing cartoon research on images I have created in years past or sharing thoughtscartoon drawing paper on the ToonBlog here will hopefully continue even though it isn’t one of the most visited or best cartoon blogs, I will certainly continue posting new ideas or sharing old ones whenever possible. There aren’t an extraordinary number of comic blogs pertaining to online cartoons but hopefully I can continue sharing ideas about cartooning and blogging about cartoons here on the ToonBlog. As always, thanks for taking time out to visit here.