Blackboard Cartoons

blackboard cartoonsBlackboard cartoons are easily available from my various catalogs and am providing access to some of them in this post. I do a lot of education related cartoons and many of these particular gag panel cartoons offer male teachers and female teachers alike, using chalk talks with students who are also included in these cartoons.

Blackboard cartoons can make a statement in any project

I’ve always thought that blackboard cartoons make a unique statement in the education related cartoon genre because they offer flexibility for gag writing. By that I mean, any number of equations, play on words, arithmetic formulas and so much more can be used on a blackboard theme. By clicking the cartoon you’ll be taken to a selection of cartoons that I can also redraw, recaption or colorize for your convenience.

Creative flexibility offered for use of any cartoons

If a blackboard cartoon image that is horizontal in appearance would work better in your project if it is redrawn in a vertical format, just tell me, I can redraw it for your convenience. As I have stated many times, flexibility is another part of my forte as I try to accommodate your request for the perfect cartoon!

Many options apply to cartoons offered here!

Cartoons offered here would also be ideal for replacing any text on the blackboards in the cartoons with promotional content for use in a display advertisement, possibly for use on a line of t-shirts or even a poster to represent a message you want to convey to a specific type of reader or recipient, or a demographic. Email me your questions concerning any of my education and blackboard cartoon humor if you see something of interest that may work in a calendar or greeting card or other print related project you’re working on. Thanks for taking the time to visit my cartoon blog!