Black Cartoon Characters

black cartoon characters

Aborigine business woman created for business publication

Black cartoon characters created to your specifications are readily available. My cartoon illustration service is not limited to any specific type of nationality or background and I invite inquiries about creating custom cartoons about what you may exactly need a cartoon for.

I am here for you and simply contact me. As I’ve stated before, I’ll do any kind of rough sketches and attach them for your review and you can go over that first set of roughs and tell me what needs to be changed and re-drawn. Flexibility is my forte and no job is too big or even too small!

Cartoons about minorities

See the sample cartoons and illustrations of black cartoon characters in this post to help associate you with my illustration style. Click any cartoon to get a larger version for review. I use Photoshop to enhance colorizing my cartoons and any final acceptable art you approve would be supplied as a high resolution image file attachment.

Cartoons about minorities and custom illustrations are available and would be ideal for attracting attention to any business logo, Facebook company page, print advertisement, posters or calendars. Whatever your request, just supply in depth information on what you’re planning and a price quote will be given based on the complexity of the project, what type of use is applied to the illustrations and also how soon you need the final art.

The samples of black cartoon characters here, are a variety of images I previously created and are for portfolio sample display only. However, if you do see a potential usage for any of these images, I have a raw image file available from which I can work on, and format to your required need and I could quote you a licensing fee if any of these has potential. If you have a magazine that wants to publish cartoons speaking to minorities, keep in mind any existing cartoon in any of my cartoon catalogs can also be re-drawn according to your specifications and a “generic” looking character can be replaced with a character or nationality of your choice.

Black characters in gag cartoons

To better associate you with what I’m referring to, I’m providing a couple of additional samples of existing gag panel cartoons I’ve created for the dental profession that have black cartoon characters as the central character or character speaking in the cartoon. You might be writing a book from a black perspective and it could also use similar cartoons. If you see some of my existing cartoons and they might have potential for reprinting but the cartoon characters aren’t black or minorities, I will re-draw that specific work. Just let me know. No question is too big or too small, keep this in mind. Thanks for taking the time to review and consider my information.