Cartoons used on outdoor billboards

billboard cartoonsBillboard cartoons have alot of potential for cartoonists. I see no reason why billboard companies, graphic designers and advertising directors who own such companies, shouldn’t actually be using good, high quality single panel gag cartoons for any of the unique outdoor venues of promotion. Years ago I was promoting cartooning services to this ad medium by sending out alot of printed portfolio brochures and material in the hopes of getting some assignments if not even just “licensing” some of my panel cartoons to these places. As is seen here in this letter by Luke Ostrowski, he was interested in my simple proposal. I had sent him a brochure with many samples of my previously published gag panel cartoons. Obviously, he liked what he saw and he called me with details on a potential project.

Outdoor Advertisers Should Use Cartoons

In fact, I recall our negotiating a usage fee to allow images used across a specific number of billboards in Michigan and we were actually in negotiating a deal when I had received this letter back in the beginning of 1996. Obviously this was in advance of the internet, impacting the gag cartoon market. But I was looking forward to working on the project and getting ready to fax samples of rough sketches and so forth.

Promote Your Cartooning Services To Billboard Advertising

For reasons beyond my control, Luke had contacted me regarding his not being able to utilize my services because the company he worked with had lost a client who obviously was committed to renting a series of their billboards. This caused the project to quickly fold. It’s amazing how fast potential jobs can change in this business…in the blink of an eye, actually!

Billboard cartoons attract attention

There was nothing I could do except to thank Luke for contacting me and to keep me in mind.  I want to emphasize how important it is for any cartoonist to move on from such losses and to continue focusing your efforts and try to seek out new clients. There are so many more out there. But outdoor advertising itself, offers illustrators, artists and cartoonists alike, alot of marketability for our services. Don’t count out billboards as yet another aspect of your cartooning accumen!

This image below is a photo of a cartoon I created for a billboard erected by the Michigan Department Of Natural Resources….
rockland michigan cartoon billboard