Buy my Bigfoot Christmas shirt featuring Sasquatch dressed up looking like Santa Claus!

bigfoot santa claus shirtBigfoot Santa Claus shirt I created is now available on my Zazzle store. I’ve name him “Santasquatch” and he’s a relatively mild mannered and peaceful looking cryptid who looks at the viewer with a sense of easy and happiness.

The cartoon has been in my files and available on my web site for licensing options, but I like it enough to also offer it for use on t-shirts.

See the actual cartoon itself which is actually a low resolution image file but I’ve configured it to 1000 pixels in width to offer you a better look at the overall image. It should help you to decide upon whether or not you’d like to buy the t-shirt with this specific cartoon design.

Visit my Zazzle store that offers more cartoons on products

By going to the actual page and click the “plus” icon, it will allow you to enlarge the photo of the person wearing the shirt so you can also get an idea of it’s fitting on the actual material and what you can expect if you purchase the product.

I try to avoid excessive details in my cartoons, but for certain artwork I like to embellish a bit more if it deals with something iconic, like Kris Kringle. . . or Sasquatch!

The great feature that Zazzle has added to it’s internal functionality is the fact the customers have more options when reviewing and considering different designs that they see on products and giftware and gift items.

My cartoons on any product allow you to control what other products to put that same cartoon art onto!

If you scroll down that Zazzle page featuring my Bigfoot Santa Claus shirt, pay special attention to the same image just a little further down on right side of page and look for “Transfer this design to another product“.

Even though this component is in beta as of this writing, you can still choose other products like Speck Presidio iPhone X Cases, greeting cards, coffee mugs, luggage tags and so much more.

As I have stated many times, use your own imagination, and take my cartoons to use them on other products YOU choose for YOURSELF, not by me just offering them! You still get lots of flexibility with DansCartoons, I promise!