Bigfoot Cartoons


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Bigfoot cartoons are one of my favorite genres and wanted to write about the availability of my work for any professionals who may be seeking to use a cartoon of mine from this selection. Cartoons would be great for your web page or to attract attention  to your next poster or powerpoint.

I also feel it necessary to bring up the topic since the news today has said that Bigfoot really doesn’t exist. Why you ask? Simple. DNA testing has disproven the fact that the hairy cryptid walks amongst us.

In a surprising finding that has set shock waves of grieving through much of the world, University of Oxford researchers announced that the beloved bipedal cryptid known globally as Bigfoot is dead or, more specifically, that he never existed.

Bigfoot is a mystery and my sasquatch cartoons are not

Various hairs collected from various locations where the hominid is known to inhabit, were proven to be from wolves and bears. This is shocking.

One thing will remain constant, and that is I will continue to conjur up and create new sasquatch and bigfoot cartoons for future pages and catalogs in my cartoon site.

It would have been cool to see science realize that some Harry And The Hendersons type of hairy apeman was finally found…..somewhere . . . ANYWHERE on this planet for that matter.

If you need any special customized bigfoot cartoons created for any type of special projects such as t-shirts or calendars, I can be reached via my contact form at the top of the page.

Cartoons can be created for any content involving sasquatch or bigfoot.

My fees to create work are based upon a variety of factors and are very reasonable based on how the artwork is used, whether you need the final art in color or in black and white line art, what kind of deadline is involved etc.