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Cartoons about the bible are easily accessible via my catalogs of bible cartoons here.  Do you have a favorite bible verse? I do, but the King James version seems like I am trying to read through the quatrains of Nostradamus at times. It can be very hard to understand and decipher. That’s probably one of the aspects why I never read or studied the “good book” enough.

I don’t consider myself a true Christian, simply from the standpoint of not being a regular attendee of Sunday services. I was baptized in the Lutheran church as a kid and confirmed in the same church though.  And I always have a firm belief there is a God who created this “life” we all know and love.

That being said, doing church related cartoons or cartoon humor about stories from the bible such as Noah’s Ark, or cartoons about Moses and ‘The Burning Bush’ have been favorite subjects. Click bible cartoonsthe cartoon to access the catalog of cartoons I offer and if you want to license any of them, note the licensing options available where you can easily pay for and then get access to a download link that provides you with a high resolution image file for that cartoon you choose.

The cartoon you choose, can be printed out and re-scanned by you, or embedded directly into your project, saved to your hard drive and edited that way or you could forward the cartoon to the printer or publisher you’re working with and email it to them for editing.

Any of these panels can of course be modified if you have a request. The gag line underneath that cartoon can be changed to better fit your article or story and I could also colorize an image for your blog or digital project.

Bible cartoons result from book of Nehemiah

Oh, by the way, I do have one favorite bible verse coming out of the book of Nehemiah…I’d have to look up the exact chapter and verse but as you might know, Nehemiah was a ‘working man’, very busy at all times….sort of like Job. The particular verse I’m thinking of had me wondering because he decided he was too busy to entertain his friends and keep them happy and preoccupied but rather stayed busy with his own work. I haven’t opened the good book in quite some time but off the top (no, I am not cheating by looking it up, lol) but think it is Nehemiah Chapter 3 verse 13? Where his associates ask him to come with them but he refuses…too much to do!

Nehemiah could make a good cartoon

It’s a simple verse making alot of sense. I thought of myself when creating all of my cartoons and gag panels. Staying busy is a good thing and you will eventually be the one who benefits. Stay true to your craft and you will gradually and eventually succeed. You could also consider having a custom bible cartoon series of single panel gag cartoons created for your magazine or web site. To help generate potential concepts, you could start by browsing my catalog of angel cartoons Thanks for visiting DansCartoons!